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Nature’s Cornucopia
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Why shop our store?       

We are proud to be a locally owned, family-run, and independent retail business!

We answer to our customers, not a big corporation!

Our History

We were the first health food store established in 1972 in McHenry, Illinois. Over the years, we have had 5 different locations, each with a new set of owners who have cared for the business before passing it on to a new owner with new ideas, helping to grow the store from its small beginnings into a now 1500 sq. ft. retail space. At present, the shop is celebrating 20 years of ownership under Anne Worth.

We carry a wide variety of supplements, herbs, proteins, and collagens, as well as gluten-free, nut-free dairy-free, keto, and paleo products for all those with specials diets. There’s organic EWG-verified facial care, organic shampoos and conditioners, environmentally friendly cleaning products, and more.