Cloth masks available for $5 each. Made locally.

" We wear masks to protect you

and for our protection. ,
We want to keep our community safe.
Thank you for your patience, support, and cooperation! "
FACE COVERINGS will be required
for IN STORE SHOPPING. We will have masks for a $1.00 purchase. 

We also have Face Shields



Please go to our website

to place an order in the ORDER ONLINE NOW

We do not require that customers wear masks at pick-up.


We will have a hand sanitizer stand available near the front counter.

The floors, carts, baskets, counters, and shelves are cleaned regularly.

We run an ozone cleaner at night on low as well.


We apologize our restroom is not for public use. 

March 26, 2021

We continue to experience some out of stocks as The supply chain continues to work through this time of demand and to fill our manufacturers needs.

Please hang in there with us as we continue to try to find the products you need from a number of different distributors.

Always let us know so we can keep a record of your personal needs.

Thank you